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We work hard to ensure you a successful stay in China and for that you are place in the level of Chinese language school that suits to your needs. You can count on our support whilst your stay, as we would like to serve you again in future times and we would like you to recommend us to friends without doubt.


To book please send your registration online or per mail to Zhong-Rui GmbH, Breitiweg 1, 8185 Winkel. You will immediately receive a confirmation. The booking becomes binding once you received our confirmation. Law applies where the following terms and conditions do not include any references.

  1. Our services
    In the table of courses you can see the different possible courses. We only change the services, if unpredictable circumstances force us to do so and only if the changes are not substantial and if they are reasonable for the participants. Inform us immediately in case of services that are non-compliant with your contract. You loose your title to claim a non-compliant service in case you do not inform us immediately.
    Our liability is restricted to the costs of the language courses and the local accommodation at any case. Both parties are eligible to cancel the contract, if the travel would be considerably impeded, endangered or impaired due to a force majeure that was not predictable at the contract conclusion.
  2. Our prices:
    They are valid for one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. Within the calendar year we will only adjust the prices, if unforeseeable changes in the exchange rate, transport rate or accommodation prices occur and only if more than three (3) months pass between the conclusion of the contract and the departure date. We will inform you about an increase in price immediately and latest thirty (30) days prior to departure. A deposit of thirty percent (30%), or SF 500,- is required upon confirmation of your booking/ receipt of the bill. You obtain your travel documents after paying the remaining balance. Delay of payment we shall be entitled to immediate cancellation of the contract.
  3. Rebooking:
    We will account for the changes as far as possible. If you want to change travel date, the accommodation or the course, please inform us in writing, as the initial booking will persist in any other case.
    The Rebooking fee for courses or accommodation is CHF 150.-
  4. Cancellation:
    Upon receipt of our confirmation the booking is valid. In case of delayed payment on client site we are eligible to require full compensation, i.e. we can cancel the contract and claim refund of the effective damage. 

    We recommend travel cancellation insurance. Please check with our partner in insurances.

    GENERALI Versicherungen
    Ralph Lottenbach
    Alte Jonastr. 24, 8640 Rapperswil
    Tel. +41 55 220 40 85 Handy; +41 79 634 17 76
  5. Liability.
    We guaranty the provision of the services we agreed upon for the price of flight (economy), accommodation and course(s).
  6. Jurisdiction:
    The court of jurisdiction for all conflicts is Bülach. Swiss law applies


Language Studies

Terms and Conditions


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